Help our learners write their own tomorrows.

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In 2018, the Literacy Council of Montgomery County needs you to help us write the next chapter for adult learners in Montgomery County.

Without literacy and language, our neighbors cannot fully participate in our community. 1 in 6 adults in Montgomery County struggle in the shadows due to low literacy and language proficiency, unable to improve their lives without the education and life skills needed to obtain employment, proper healthcare, financial understanding, even basic quality of life needs like getting a driver's license or understanding their bank statements.

And without language and literacy, our neighbors cannot communicate with us. Without communication, there is no community.

Low literacy is an isolating chapter in an adult's life.

But it is not the final chapter. Through programs like tutoring, classroom instruction, and workplace literacy, LCMC enables adults to gain the skills needed to take control of their futures.

In 2018 and beyond we plan to augment our programs with financial literacy, health literacy, pre-GED instruction, workforce development, and more.

Help us today to empower our neighbors to write their own next chapters tomorrow.

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