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Strengthen Our Community Through Literacy

Eradicate Illiteracy. Boost English Proficiency. Give Today.

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It's late summer, a time when our stores have "back to school" items for sale, and children are anticipating what their teachers and classes will be like. However, at the Literacy Council of Montgomery County (LCMC), as our classes begin again, we know it's not just children headed back to school after summer break. 1 in 6 adults in Montgomery County struggle with low English proficiency or functional illiteracy, and at LCMC, through our staff and volunteers, we work every day to close this skill gap in order to bring about a more vibrant, educated, and prospering community.

In the past you've supported us as an active member of our team. You may have thought this was just a donation for a worthy cause, but we invite you to re-think what it means to give to LCMC. Your donation is not just act of giving; it is an act of building community—nothing less. Societies cannot thrive without members who participate and contribute to the overall success of their neighbors. And you can play a major role in helping county bring about social change one student at a time.

For just $100, we can provide spelling and pronunciation books to 5 adult literacy and English language learners - unlocking the tools to lifelong success and community contribution.

Before the leaves start to change and our long days of summer go away please consider donating to LCMC—please consider taking a step towards building a better Montgomery County.